Residential Dеmоlіtіоn Services

What is Residential Demolition Services?

Residential Demolition Services is defined as the partial or total removal of a structure on a residential property. This type of demolition may consist of a simple bathroom remodel, garage/shed removal, driveway removal or the removal of all structures on the property.

Many Residential Demolitions Services are done due to a house being uninhabitable because of fires, floods, health concerns, and other dangerous conditions. In some cases, houses that are vacant and not suitable for living must be demolished to prevent costly violations from the Department of Buildings and other city agencies.

Many Residential Demolitions being done within the NYC area are being done by Real Estate Developers to make way for more modern and convenient housing. Developers may also want to change the design and floor plan of the existing structure in order to increase the value of the home.

Whether you are a homeowner or Property Developer, Morgan Services Group is equipped to meet your needs.

If your project involves a single-family home or multiple structures, we can handle everything from utility disconnects and demolition permits to the complete cleanup and grading of the lot.

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