Commercial Demolition Services

What is Commercial Demolition services?

Commercial Demolition Services is defined as the partial or total removal of a structure on a commercial property; office buildings, factories, stores, hotels, churches, etc. This type of demolition is more complex and requires greater caution than a residential demolition.

Demolition of a commercial property is usually done when a building is no longer safe or if it is going to be used for a different type of facility.

Demolition can refer to tearing down of structures or it can refer to a process called “stripping out” where the internal fittings and fixtures are removed. The fixtures are extracted leaving only the bare shell of the structure to prepare for the new fit out. This occurs when one company moves out and another is preparing to occupy the space.

The most common method of commercial demolition is the kind performed with machinery such as, excavators, bobcats, cranes, etc. This equipment requires licensed and highly qualified professionals.

Commercial Demolition is usually on a larger scale and creates a lot of dust, vibration, noise and debris. Morgan Services Group is experienced to handle all facets of commercial demolition and always includes debris removal within our quotes.

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