Emergency Demolition Services

What is Emergency Demolition Services?

Emergency Demolition Services  is required when a building encounters a fire, flood, structural collapse or is in a weakened state. The prescribed remedy to such an emergency is typically a partial or full demolition and/or emergency repair.

Morgan Service Group is well-versed and understands the necessity of a quick response to handle emergency demolitions and has extensive experience working with the various city agencies involved in emergency demolition services.

Emergency Demolition and repairs may require installation of protective construction fences, sidewalk sheds, sealing of a vacant, open or otherwise unguarded building, shoring, full demolition, partial demolition to a safe level and removal of debris.

The demolition may reveal the presence of hazardous materials such as lead or asbestos, having a trained contractor to identify and secure the area is essential.

Building owners are usually issued an “Immediate Emergency Demolition”, “Emergency Declaration” or an “Unsafe Building” violation which will not be removed until the structure is deemed safe and permits are obtained and signed off-post removal.

If you any encounter any dangerous situation NYC residents and business owner can rest safely in the knowledge that Morgan Services Group’s fast response and experts will head to your location as quickly as possible to assess the situation and coordinate well with all city emergency response units. We take all precautions needed to secure the site and carry out whatever demolition work is deemed necessary for the situation.

If you need emergency demolition in NYC, Morgan Services Group has the equipment, experience and knowledge of local expedited regulations and codes required to be able to respond quickly to emergencies.

Our professional team will demolish the structure so that the site can quickly turn into a construction site, and lives and property can be rebuilt.

If you have an emergency demolition need, contact Morgan Service Group today to get more information on how we can help you get your life and business back on track!

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