Expediting Services

What is Demolition Expediting Services?

The official name for an expeditor is “filing representative”, they deal with The Department of Buildings (DOB) to schedule and attend meetings, draft and file applications and offer the technical expertise to evaluate and submit drawings.

We also have code consultants who are experts with in-depth knowledge of the complicated local, state and federal building codes and zoning laws governing a given construction project.

Code consultants adapt quickly to code changes that occur quite frequently and they are technical experts at reviewing design plans to sort through building codes and provide crucial pre-submission supervision.

Morgan Services Group offers in house expediting services. We work with experienced expeditors and code consultants who are proficient with Demolition Expediting to ensure our jobs stay on schedule and within budget.

Knowing whether to pull a demolition or an alteration permit with the correct directive is key in demolition. NYC maintains one of the more intricate building permitting workflows.

Having the right professionals to analyze and strategically facilitate your project’s expediting process is key to reducing the number of required plan checks, negotiating quicker review times, and utilizing existing relationships with jurisdictions to obtain information faster.

Our team has the proven track record and impeccable references to ensure the work will be done honestly, efficiently and accurately.

There are various protocols that must be followed in order to expedite a Demolition. Filing plans, paperwork, attending DOB meetings with plan examiners and various DOB personnel is just a part of the procedure.

Demolition expediting requires coordinating inspections, cut offs of utilities, water and sewer service which is a tedious job that requires a lot of time and coordination.

The project site needs to be inspected and baited in order to obtain a Pest Control Certificate from a certified and licensed exterminator. City agencies such as the DEP and Health Department are required to provide approved documents prior to submission for the demolition permit.

Proof of notification to adjacent property owners and the community board must be done prior to a demolition within a mandated period of time.

These are a few of the many obligations required for expending a demolition within New York City. Morgan Services Group has the best team to streamline the process.

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