Excavation Services

What are Excavation Services?

Excavation Services is the movement of rock and dirt to create space for construction work to begin. It is not only digging holes, it is also inclusive of site preparation, grading, leveling, trenching, removing contaminated soil and other soil-related tasks. Sometimes excavation involves removing structures, boulders, trees and other landscaping.

Excavation requires the use of heavy machinery and special tools to precise measurements to ensure adjacent buildings will not be compromised and the work is according to architect and engineers’ DOB approved plans and specifications. Excavating is some of the most dangerous work done.

Exploratory work must first be performed to identify underground water, gas, electrical lines and potential hazards and strategize how to dig around them. Morgan Services Group has the level of expertise and professionalism that grants you peace of mind.

Our experienced staff can complete your project quickly and efficiently. There are strict safety rules and safety equipment required on site. Our workers are trained to handle any issues that may arise to minimize risks or mistakes.

It is important to hire a licensed and insured professional like Morgan Services Group for excavation services. There are many strict and specific rules in place that must be followed and proper safety and protection protocols to protect surroundings, avoid fines and penalties.

Morgan Services Groups owns, not rents, power tools and hydraulic machinery necessary to get the job done, this allows us to pass savings on to our clients. With our professionals we can identify soil erosion, ground integrity and how to minimize noise and vibration that come with the act of digging up the earth.

Delays can be quite costly, there are no shortcuts, therefore hiring an experienced professional is vital to your budget and schedule.



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